What’s your favorite SNL sketch?


It’s been a few years since I had a real SNL lol moment. I tried watching skits from this year. Conclusion: meh. There’s a special place in my heart for Tina, Kristen, Amy, Maya, and Rachel. Come on with “The Nest!”   Until then, let us share ye olde SNL clips. Here are some of my favorites:


#1: Lynn Doot  and Jamilla Rose la Perkins.

(click the pictures to open the video in Yahoo. It’s safe.)

Miley and Kristen

Rock-a-Billy Lady Party and Cream

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Oh Shit Kit

“What’s in your Bag?” is a popular hashtag for bloggers and instagrammers. It’s fun to see someone else’s junk organized neatly. Some of them are cool, but some of them I’m like, “I have a feeling you don’t always carry macaroons and a 1994 Game Boy in your purse.” Obviously, your lifestyle and destination will determine what’s in your bag. For me, it’s all about thinking ahead and avoiding easy mistakes/discomforts.  After tossing out gum wrappers and wadded-up receipts, it’s time to present my version of “What’s in your Bag?” : What’s in your Oh Shit Kit. This kit has been carefully curated to provide minimal stress in sticky situations and increase safety on the road. No fake stuff thrown in here to impress you.  Whether you’re on foot, in a bus, or riding on 2 wheels…having your own Oh Shit Kit will make life better, especially if you find yourself uttering those 2 ugly words.

Doesn’t this girl look like she could be checking her Twitter or picking at her gel nails?

A girl on a scooter, New York City, 1965 – photograph by Joel Meyerowitz

A girl on a scooter, New York City, 1965 – photograph by Joel Meyerowitz

Here is what’s in my Oh Shit Kit; for a girl on a scooter.

#1 item: Your Brain =  this is important. don’t leave this at the bar or at home. be alert and prepared.

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Are We Real?

A great documentary that tackles fundamental questions about math and the nature of reality. I will forever be haunted in the best way possible by the “game” Life, described within the first 10 minutes of the film by John H Conway.

Are your eyes in your ears?

Lately I’ve been listening. Who doesn’t love a good audio adventure? This is a true story. The first sound I hear every morning before dawn is this bird with the sweetest chirp-coo.  Birdie is there every single morning, chanting the same sweet mantra. The soft chatter and chirps are hardly enough to disturb even the most sensitive ears. It sounds like a super gentle sneaker-on-gym-floor-squeak Morse code.  A big part of me wants to see this bird up close, inspect the nest, see if there are other chickadees.  Like the muse Clio, Birdie is ever elusive, yet reveals its self in the oddest ways. I know the sound of this chirp by heart; it’s the sweetest, most mellifluous thing. But despite my search efforts, I’ve never actually seen Birdie. This bird just wants to be heard! So, I’m listening. I stopped shining a flashlight into the bushes and started to just enjoy the music. Read More

RiRi Hearts MAC

Rihanna is hott. She dominates important territory: music, beauty, and fashion. In her latest video for “Pour It Up,” she is drenched in Chanel and sporting magenta eyebrows. I’ll blog about that later.
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always blush…even when you bronze


Don’t pinch, it will cause busted capilaries. We all love the way blush makes us look awake and healthy. But depending on the placement of your rouge, you might be looking sick or overly cute. Cream, gel, powder, stain, balm, shimmer, matte.. I love them all and lately my favorite is Bobbi Brown in Pale Pink #9bobbiblush

Where do you put your blusher? On the apple of your cheek? On your temples? Do you use it at all? There are tons of “How To Apply Blush According to Your Face Shape” pictorials on the net, but there is no right or wrong way. Blush should make you look lively and if your current method doesn’t, try using your blush in a different way. Here are some fun one’s: Read More